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Many experienced staff of mold manufacturing industry to join RJG systematic injection training in Ultratech

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Ultratechpartners with RJG for the sysyematicinjection training duringSeptember 5-7 2017. All participant came from different mold makingsectors and learning the advance production concept of the injectionmolding industry, this training is concluded the scientific andsystematic methods to improve the injection molding process.

Allthe attendees feel useful during the training and practice. Everyonecan improves the knowledge in injection molding.

Ultrataechis the parter of RJG China, they held public training in Ultratech.Ultraech use RJG scientifc molding methodolgy, provide prefeesialmold making and molding for multi-shot(Multi-K), high precision, highcavitation, unscrewing molds. Serve medical, personal care, packagingand 3C industries.