Several packaging learder companies visited Ultratech on April 2017

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Now, in south of China, it is a very nice spring season, fresh air and nice temperature, several packaging leander compnanies visited Ultratech in April 2017 at the time.

High quality molds and services, RJG certificated tryout shop, and growing prospect of telecom industry, attract many good companies, Ultratech GM, Mr. Simon Cheung, receives the customers, and look after the visiting, Ultratech introduce the company, and after that, the customer have a factory tour.

In the visiting, Ultratech present the high precision universal cylindrical grinder, it is good for packaging round parts, 0.1um accuracy, and mr. Simon Cheung shared Ultratech future develop plan. Ultratech impressed the customers impressed with the seriously working process, high quality, and humanize working environment. all parities are look forwarder to a long and win-win cooperation.

Ultrataech is the partner of RJG China, they held public training in Ultratech. Ultraech use RJG scientific molding methodolgy, provide professional mold making and molding for multi-shot(Multi-K), high precision, high cavitation, unscrewing molds. Serve medical, personal care, packaging and 3C industries.