2018 Chinese New Year celebration hold on February 2, 2018

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Ultratechmold 2018 Chinese New Year celebration were holded with Happy andpeaceful on February 2, 2018. all Ultratech mold stall stay together,enjoy the drank and food, general manager, Mr. Simon Cheung taken aspeak in the event, he summarized the performance in pass years,thanks to staff's efforts, appreciated the persons with ourstandingachievementandsketched our future blueprint. QA dept. presented a nice dance,project team presented songs, all the time are fun, and every bodyare full of confidence for future.

Ultratechgrows up with the policy of goal oriented, plan management, andperformance evaluation.

Employees'performance are objectively assessed, the compensation & benefitspackage reflect the

contributionto the job, and we offer competitive compensation & benefits inmarket.

Weexpect all the employees have excellent performance and good life.

Ultratechis the first RJG tryout shop in Asia from December 2016, the meansUltratech work shop moldtrial and molding capacity upgrade to an newupper level, Ultrateh equipped eDART system, provide scientificmolding mold trial system .

Ultratechis the partner of RJG China, they held public training in Ultratech. Ultratech use RJG scientific molding methodolgy, provide precisionmold making and molding for multi-shot(Multi-K), high precision, highcavitation, unscrewing molds. Serve medical, personal care, packagingand 3C industries.