Why Ultratech

High Quality, Short and On Time Deliveries, Competitive Pricing, 
Strong International Project Management, 
Early Design Involvement, Concurrent Engineering, 
Partner Relationship Customer, 
Latest Technology Available

ULTRATECH was established in Hong Kong in 1985, China plant was started 
in 1993, today we have three factories, total production area 35000 s.q. meters, 
over 1000 employees, providing precision mold making, custom molding, 
and sub-assembly services. Major marketplaces are Europe, USA and China.
ULTRATECH specializes in tooling and molding for Precision part, 
Multi-shot(Multi-K), Unscrewing, Thin wall and Encapsulation parts. 
We serve Automotive, 3C, Medical, Personal Care, and Packaging industries.

ULTRATECH implements green production. We make safety products 
to human and environment together with our customers.

We always serve you the best, help you ahead in your world!


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