32cav pipette tip mold

1.Cycle time: 6s

2.Steel accuracy 1um

3.Fully hot runner

4.Interchangeability in cavities

5.Build For clean room, Stainless steel

Pipette tip, Deep well plate,
Tip comb,Patri dish

1. Fight against COVID-19

2. High precision

3. Fast lead time: 4 weeks

4. Build for clean room

  • Face mask help for breathing

    Fight against COVID-19

  • 2cav, 4cav, 8cav

    Fast lead time: 4 weeks

    Build for clean room

Metal inserted medical device

Root canal therapy

PPS + Metal insert

Oral care

Bend core mold for oral care
Build For clean room


Pharmaceutics Packaging

Medical devices handle

  • Fully interchangeability

    The molds built by Ultratech are interchangeability

    inter cavities, it minimize down-time in production.

  • Build For clean room

    Stainless steel

    Grease free

Build For clean room Stainless steel

32cav syringe mold

Universal cylindrical grinder

with accuracy 1um

Cycle time 6s

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